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Possessing a valid Luxembourg passport is an important document that is issued by the national government of LUXEMBOURG. The principal function of a regular, real Luxembourg passport is to provide identification and portable document which proves the citizenship of the country. In most cases, a passport must be carried along on any type of journey taken abroad. It’s typically quite invasive when there is no passport to follow.


Passport is issued by the Republic of Luxembourg to its nationals for travelling abroad and other international obligations such as immigration, citizenship, and continuing one’s national heritage. Apply real Luxembourg passport online because it serves as a replacement in case of loss or unknown situation or in times of emergency. These documents are mandatory and must be carried at all times in order to prove nationality and avoid violation of any law.

It can be applied for swiftly and easily up with our team online without any burden. This identity can also be attained through post with complete documentations referred by Government. We process it within the stipulated time which is 09-10 working days after documents submission to Authority. Fee payable for Passport application passes through Fee Schedule which is provided by Ministry of Finance & Economic Directorate General (LGPD).

Luxembourg is a European country known for its prosperity. The country has always been in the list of high-income countries in the world. Luxembourg’s Ambassador to Europe handed over 100 real passports to global citizens yesterday. We’re marking a new wave in its relative policy relative support. A new and final chance has arisen in 2018 in order to apply for a Luxembourg Passport and in the online mode. The exercise became in particular necessary because in this way we can avoid crowds and we can be confident that there will not be risks of documents lost. At the same time, we’ll greatly accelerate our procedure because we give up all kind of schedules to queue.

Who We Are?

We’re well established agency and serving in this field for many years. Our team holds an immense knowledge in the application of documents related to overseas territories and foreign countries due to his comparatively long stay in Europe during which he had travelled to worldwide extensively by air, rail, road, water routes. Cross border services are most relativized category in passports, driving licenses, ID cards…..etc which most demanding tourists make use of around the world.

Why Choose Buy Diplomatic Passport?

We are the manufacturer of high-quality, government-issued passports that can help you get into 132 countries. The whole process of our offer is absolutely safe and not complex at all. We work for independent state authorities, exclusively according to their passport production standards. So all documents issued by us meet all criterions necessary in order to be valid. Living abroad assumes important obligations in relation to different countries. If you travel frequently to different territories or need for other reasons to establish your citizenship in one country, then even temporary passport will solve the problem.

However, with the advent of globalization phase, terrorists are adopting new strategies to avoid security controls imposed by various international organizations through using Virtual International Accounts (VIA).

Earn Your Nationality With Our Reliable Services

The government releases this process from time-to-time – or else it may be an exceptional case for people who reside in a specific nation where a birth certificate also serves as a primary form of identification inside English Language Speaking Travel Countries. Our aim is to provide the most qualitative service in the industry, at the lowest possible rate. Hasten to contact us now and get your Luxembourg Passport Processing done within no time. .

Some Benefits of Selective Countries Passports

Sometimes, a country with a low living quality is just too risky for holders. Selective Countries Passports have been designed for wealthy people with high-risk lifestyles that value safety. All the countries listed on your document will be able to move you from one place to another safely and securely, as they are difficult to penetrate.

Benefits of using Visit Visa + Europass

All applicants, ladies and gentlemen who carry European passport, are eligible to travel to the United States without more considering that this country was augmented on the list of restricted destinations.

Get Valid and Genuine Official ID to Individuals in the United States. For something so important, why would you not want to apply for it online? Apply for your real German passport now—a document that holds the power of your identity and has made many young children very happy. Regardless of how old you are, if you’re active outside the country or travelling abroad soon, you should apply for this valuable document today because it’s way easier than ever before to do so!

Luxembourg Resident’s Passport

This application for a Luxembourg Resident’s Passport is available online to Residents who do not need to go to the Consulate. Please print your six-page application form, sign it all pages and scan it back. We accept the payment options like western union, MoneyGram, bitcoin, PayPal, credit card etc.

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