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The IGC notifies that, ʹGermanic people will now be able to buy German passports also online ʹ. ʹThis service is offered by the Federal Office for Vital Statistics and is primarily aimed at Germans who were sentenced by the 1945 Potsdam Agreement to flee Eastern Europe, but still want to remain part of their ethnic group. The conscience committees can assess all requests for dual citizenship with attention. Place an order now. You’ll get a confirmation conversation shortly.


Apart from the issue of safety, when traveling to other countries, it is important to buy German passport online. It will be used not only for travel purposes but also for other official purposes, for instance in dealing with banks. Interesting facts about German passports are that they are considered to be one of the most powerful passports in the world. It allows the holder to live and work anywhere in the European Union without having to apply for a work permit.

What do we need to buy German passport online?

You need to provide the following
-A valid identity document
-Proof of residence
-Certificate of no criminal record
-Family members’ nationalities

How Do We Identify A Fake German Passport?

A fake German passport is easy to make, but it can be difficult to discern between a real one. The easiest way to identify the two is by the seal on the bottom of the page. Real passports have a four-pointed star in dark blue ink while fake ones will have a five-pointed star in gray or magenta ink. Other ways to spot a forged are that they have creased or too uneven pages, stamps that are in different places, and graphics which are poorly printed.

In short there are not the same as a real one. This is because it does not have the same security features. The name, date of birth, sex, address, photo, etc. are all filled in by the fake passports maker. For this reason, you need to be careful when buying a fake document online. You can easily identify a fake passport by looking at the details printed on the inside- back cover page. If the passports are real, every detail will be just as it should be and it will have a lot of security features that are not available in a forged document.

Be Aware from Scammers

Most of websites are just looking to scam people. So if you want to buy Australian passport online, please be careful not to fall prey to these scammers. There are so many fake sites out there. And if you go to the wrong site you will lose your money and never get your document. So be aware and you have to be very alert when you buy it from them because you might not get what you paid for.


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