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We’re the complete travel document resource to buy real Portuguese passport online. You can specify whatever details (like name and place) you like when you passports online so it applies to your need. At the same time, if you have any family members of your near or distant relatives who have ever been citizens or have a document from Portugal, they will be considered “accommodated” and will also be a citizen of Portugal.

The pros of getting a Portugal citizenship

1. Easier to get a visa to reside in Portugal
2. Freedom of movement between countries
3. No need for a work permit

How long does it take to get my Portuguese Passport?

When it comes to obtaining a new passport, the average time is anywhere from one up to four months. But now, Portugal has now been classified as “emergency” with regards to the application process. Portugalians now have a 50% chance of getting your document in just 15 days!

Specific requirements to buy real Portuguese Passport online?

The requirements for obtaining a Portuguese citizenship vary according to where you reside and can include: providing verified legal documents for citizenship, proving your connection to the country by submitting copies of current utility bills in English, and submitting a completed application form. Even if you meet all of these requirements, your old document may need to expire before your new one will be issued.

How can my children get their Portuguese Passports, if they are minors?

Children under 18 have to go to an interview at the consulate where they need to present their birth certificate, identity document of one parent, ethnicity certificate of the father.

What is the process after I order my passport?

After you order your Buy Real Nigerian Passports Online , you will receive an ID number and password with the instructions that allow you to access the application area online. You will then need to create an account and submit your application online. The website will then transfer you to a specific postal service in order to pay for and apply for your document with ease.

8 reviews for Buy Real Portuguese Passport Online

  1. johen ben

    I believe this is really only when I got my passport arrived safely to my location and I can now go to any country of my choice

  2. Jules Rackon

    Ordering was easy, Mimi was as described, it arrived quickly, questions were answered promptly. Brought with her was a thank you note which just made it seem a little more personal.

  3. Cooper Ramirez

    I have just received my Portuguese passport in the mail. It is a very professional product and the whole process was easy and quick.

  4. Waylon James

    I purchased the cheapest Portuguese Passport just to see what it’s like. I’ve been trying to learn Portuguese, and this website was a great help.

  5. Easton Watson

    I just got my Portuguese Passport in the mail and I’m so excited! It’s a nice, thick passport with a magnetic closure. This is going to be great for the next time we travel abroad.

  6. Christian Kelly

    I have been waiting to get my passport in the mail and I’m so excited that I finally have it. The process was quick, easy, and I am very pleased with the result.

  7. Landon Sanders

    I’ve been involved in the world of international trade for many years now, and I’ve come across a few companies who promise the world. Portuguese Passport is not only a highly professional company but also very trustworthy.

  8. Colton Price

    I have been using this service for about 2 years now. The service has never let me down and I have only had to wait about three weeks total. It’s very cheap and great if you’re in a rush to get your passport.

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